Breakfast Beats!

Breakfast Beats (next sessions: March 22th, April 5th and April 19th)

An early-morning dance workout with DJade!

Join Breakfast Beats and kick-start your day in the best way.

All you have to do is bring yourself and be yourself.
We’ll provide the space, coffee, croissants and beats, so that you can enjoy the music, move your body, and leave with a smile.

Doors open 07:15
Music 07:30 – 08:30
€10 – we prefer cash

Alternate Wednesdays at the Grote Pyr historic gym, Waldeck Pyrmontkade 115

  • Register with an email to, and we’ll make sure there’s coffee and a croissant for you.
  • Be nice to nature and bring your own coffee cup.
  • Join March 22th, April 5th and April 19th for only €20.

Hosted by Helen, Aart & Jade